Last year we shared a blog post and timeline for early care and education projects underway in Minnesota. In this post we’re checking in on the ֱ Care Regulation Modernization Project and providing an overview of how you can be involved in what’s coming up.

Project Scope and Resources

Make sure to check out the for the most up to date information. If you haven’t already signed up for emails about the work, be sure to do so! You’ll be informed of updates and opportunities for feedback.

You can also find information on past work on the project and context on the other components: abbreviated inspections and tiered violation systems. Understanding the full scope and goals of the work will help you give relevant and constructive feedback.

Draft Regulations and Feedback Opportunities

Draft regulations were recently released for both and child care centers. The project is now at a time when your feedback and advocacy can help shape its trajectory. Here’s an overview of the next phases of the project and how you can advocate and participate.

Spring 2024: Draft licensing standards are released for review


Summer 2024: Opportunities for public engagement and feedback

  • Read the draft licensing standards.
  • UPDATED 6-11-24: for Family ֱ Care or ֱ Care Centers















  • : Complete . Sign up for email updates for or to be notified of opportunities. Or check the .


Early 2025: Revised standards will be release for consideration in the 2025 state legislative session

Read the revised draft. Follow proposed legislation and hearings. Testify/talk to legislators.

This is a big project with a lot of details, considerations, and stakeholders. It’s not finalized yet, so now is the chance to make sure your voice is heard!

By Marie Huey, Public Policy and Advocacy Staff Leader